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  • Vatnajkull National Park

    Includes Kverkfjll mountains and the expanses of Snfell.


  • Hiking Treasures in Egilsstair Region


  • The Lake Monster

    The Lagarfljt Wyrm lives in lake Lagarfljt. Have you seen it?


  • Swimming pools

    In Egilsstair region are two swimming pools, one in Egilsstair and another one in Skjldlfsstair in Jkuldalur.


  • Things to do

    Things to do

    Famous for its natural beauty,many scenic attractions and pleasant climate, Egilsstadir and vicinity is favourable for outdoor recreation.

  • Things to see

    Things to see

    The area is known as the green heartland of the East. With interesting places from the glacier in the south to the sea in the north.

  • Where to stay

    Where to stay

    There are plenty of options in Egilsstadir when it comes to accommodation. You can find anything from a camping ground to very nice guesthouses and hotels.

Visit Egilsstair

Visit Egilsstair
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Egilsstair area

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