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Vibrant society in a pleasant environment

Egilsstair is a town in east Iceland on the banks of Lagarfljt river. The vicinity that Egilsstair is located in is calledFljtsdalshra and it is home to a progressive, energetic society, in keeping with the special environment of the area. Affected by the inviting surroundings and comfortable climate, the cordiality of locals provides a warm welcome for those arriving in the municipality. There is a large range of busy cultural activities, as well as ambitious work in music, art and drama and varied undertakings by clubs and other organisations. Living museums sponsor special exhibits and an assortment of presentations and entertaining programmes. The numerous cultural festivals held annually in Fljtsdalshra attract many artists from everywhere in Iceland to participate.

Scenic nature - mountains and woods

Famous for its natural beauty and pleasant climate, often resembling that on the Continent, Fljtsdalshra is particularly characterised by woods, whose appearance in the environment is special for Iceland. The local society, waterfalls, lakes and rivers contribute to the many scenic attractions favourable for outdoor recreation. There are many enjoyable walking routes through forests and open areas, and trips into nearby mountain ranges are popular regardless of the time of year. Not only is the fauna varied, but there are outstanding opportunities for bird-watching, besides the unique chance to view reindeer in Iceland. Lagarfljt lake is inhabited by Iceland's most renowned water monster, Lagarfljtsormur. Berries and mushrooms grow plentifully, while anglers seek out the lakes and rivers, and sportsmen also encounter one of Iceland's most exciting areas for hunting.

Priority to families

There are fine educational possibilities in Fljtsdalshra, with five preschools, four schools at the compulsory level, three music schools, a home economics school, an upper secondary school, and good facilities for distance studies at university level. Sports facilities are first-class, and the selection comprises four gymnasiums, three swimming pools, a magnificent sports field, a pretty golf course, a skiing area, and conveniences for horsemen. In addition to two youth recreation centres, Fljtsdalshra has a coffee and culture house for young people. A number of state institutions have branches in the municipality, so that public services are easily accessible for residents.

Quality service at a crossroads

Throughout the year, numerous travellers are drawn to Fljtsdalshra and its excellent amenities for the tourist, who can enjoy splendid restaurants and hotels, tour museums, and observe various cultural and natural features, while overnighting at a vacation cottage, farm accommodation, or well-equipped campground. Egilsstair and Fellabr have a great choice of stores with a broad selection of goods, and service companies make an effort to please the visitor. It is practical to overnight in Fljtsdalshra, undertaking excursions during the day to other parts of East Iceland, because this centre of transport by land is at the intersection of important transportation routes inside the East and onward to other regions of Iceland. Most other towns in East Iceland lie within an hour's drive, and regular passenger and freight transport is scheduled year-round toward both the north and south of Iceland. The international airport at Egilsstair serves flights of only about an hour to Reykjavk and less than three hours to the European mainland.

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Visit Egilsstair
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