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The time never stands still in Egilsstair. The whole year is filled with different activities that everyone should be able to take their pick from.

Athletics SchoolOur very own Villa Park

We go out and move around as spring comes to town. At the center of town the charming Vilhjlmsvllur hosts a number of sporting events each year. The park is named after our biggest sporting legend, Vilhjlmur Einarsson, a triple jump silver medalist from the 1956 Summer Olympics who was born, raised and still lives in Egilsstair. Vilhjlmsvllur is a field for soccer and track and field sports. It is the home of Httur, the local sports club. It is also used for the Neighborhood games, a part of Ormsteiti a ten day town festival with events spreading all over the Fljtsdalshra area.

We are active people and like to move the year round. There is a golf course, shooting range, riding course, motorbike zone, swimming pools with hot tubs and sport arenas with a wide selection of sporting activities. In October we participate in the European Move Week, where the town has been awarded for its togetherness and active participation of young and old. And we climb hills and walk around in the nature during all seasons.

Culture centre

Egilsstair oozes with culture. The old slaughterhouse wasconverted into an active cultural center which hosts many wonderful events. Video and movie festivals, regular art exhibitions and performances such as concerts, dancing and experimental theatre are an integral part everyday life in Egilsstair. The slaughterhouse is also home to workshops for designers and other artists who welcome visitors passing by.

Valaskjlf is located across from Vilhjlmsvllur but is home to the theater clubs, bigger concerts and dances. The culture is also rife around the rural parts of the municipality with community centers in every district. They especially come to life during the Old Norse month of orri (parts of January and February) with the renowned orrablt festivals taking place then.

700.isWe could say that every house in Egilsstair is in itself a culture centre. Everywhere you go youll meet local talents who welcome you into their teams. Their home is your home.

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Visit Egilsstair
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