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As you pass through the towns of Egilsstair and
Fellabr you may notice, on selected walls and
windows, examples of local Icelandic poetry. This
custom first started in 2008 when the love poems of
renowned local poet Pll lafsson (1827-1905) were
put up in a few locations. This is now the sixth time
the towns are decorated in this manner and each time
there has been a certain theme, celebrating either the
works of a single local poet, a selection from several of
them or even the poetry of local children.

This year marks the 70-year anniversary of the district
of Egilsstair being formally founded. It is therefore
appropriate that all the poets have in common to
have lived in Egilsstair for some time in their lives.
All the poets, save for two, are born before 1947.

The poets and where to find their work:

1 Arnar Sigbjrnsson / Hs handanna
2 Hildigunnur Valdimarsdttir / Salt caf & bistro
3 Katrn Mlfrur Eirksdttir / Icelandair Hotels
4 Jn Sigfsson / Nett
5 Sigurur skar Plsson / Landsbankinn
6 Margrt Sigfsdttir / Slturhsi menningarsetur
7 Bragi Bjrnsson / Bnus
8 Svar Sigbjarnarson / Vilhjlmsvllur
9 Slrn Eirksdttir / Valaskjlf
10 Hreinn Halldrsson / Sundlaugin
11 sta Jnsdttir / Bkakaffi
12 Sigfs Guttormsson / Fellabakar
13 gsta sk Jnsdttir / Safnahsi

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