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Do you need guides while traveling in East Iceland ?

Tour operators

  • Wildboys operate all kinds of hiking tours all year. A midnight tour on Mt. Snfell, The amazing Dyrfjll and our Canyon adventure tour in Hafrahvammar canyon are simply unforgettable. We also have tours to the famous Askja caldera and the remote Kverkfjll from regular day tours to a 3 day tour. Our main policy is to ensure our customer safety. Our guides are experienced and well equipped with radios, transmitters and other emergency equipment.

  • Noran Jkuls - guiding

    The company Noran Jkuls emphasises green tourism, so that trips led by its guides should help you gain an understanding of local nature and culture. The itinerary can be customised to your interests, depending on how much time you want to spend walking, duration of tour, etc.

  • Travel East

    Travel East is a travel agency in East Iceland. We offer a great variety of hiking tours, super-jeep tours, culinary tours, northern lights tours and more for individuals and groups.

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