• Mt.Snfell
  • Hafrahvammagljfur
  • Mt Herdubreid
  • Mt Dyrfjll
  • Fantastic view

You can find marked hiking trails all around the area and organized hiking tours are also available for all fitnesslevels.

Tour operators

  • Egilsstadir Touring Club

    The Touring Club of Fljtsdalshra is a member of The Icelandic Touring Association. Every year the club organizes and offers a variety of tours and trips for its members. Scheduled information on the touring program can be found here on our website and in addition on The Icelandic Touring Associations website.

    The Touring Club of Fljtsdalshra runs and operates seven huts and lodges with sleeping accomodations, some located in the mountains and others in secluded places in the inlets and fjords south of Borgarfjrur eystri - reaching as far as Seyisfrur. The latest lodge is in Lomundar-fjrur and is run, as the ones in Breiavk and Hsavk, in close co-operation with the Touring Group in Borgarfjrur Eystri.

  • Wildboys.is

    Wildboys.is operate all kinds of hiking tours all year. A midnight tour on Mt. Snfell, The amazing Dyrfjll and our Canyon adventure tour in Hafrahvammar canyon are simply unforgettable. We also have tours to the famous Askja caldera and the remote Kverkfjll from regular day tours to a 3 day tour. Our main policy is to ensure our customer safety. Our guides are experienced and well equipped with radios, transmitters and other emergency equipment.

  • Wilderness Center

    The Wilderness Center is an authentic and peaceful hideaway, located right by the edge of Northern Europes biggest wilderness. Our guests experience the spirit of the past through a variety of services, such as: unique accommodation, local food, exhibitions, horse riding and hiking, day tours, escorted tours and tailor made tours.

  • Fjalladyrd Tourist Service

    At Fjalladr Tourist Services, we provide our guests with the chance to experience traditional food, culture and accommodation in peaceful surroundingsas well as joining us on our super jeeps to nature pearls of the northern highlands: ASKJA or KVERKFJLL TOURS every day.

    The company emphasis on a variety of nature walks and other forms of outdoor recreation highly appropriate for a company whose name, Fjalladr, means "mountain beauty".

  • Travel East

    Travel East is a travel agency in East Iceland. We offer a great variety of hiking tours, super jeep tours, culinary tours, northern lights tours, ATV tours and more for individuals and groups.

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Visit Egilsstair
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