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  • Riding tours in the forest
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There are a few tour operators and travel agencies that plan riding tours. These tours are from a few hours to multi-day tours and are usually for more experienced riders.

Tour operators

  • Wilderness Center

    Denni and Arna have been guiding and running adventure trips on horses for years andenjoys nothing more than sharing theirpassion with there fellow riders.Denni and Arna are founders of the Wilderness Museum of Iceland so it is fair to say that the highlands run in theirblood all year around. Arna is a Historian and Denni a filmmaker. Together they have been collecting and documenting stories and knowledgeconnected to the great Icelandicwilderness. So if you want adventurousstories or learn aboutnature you are in the right place.

  • Travel service at Sandfellsskgur

    Horse-rental:There are many beautiful horse-riding trails at Stra-Sandfell, be it forest, hills valley. We offer horse-riding tours ranging from 1-4 hours, e.g. an outing to valley Hjlpleysa which is a deep isolated valley glen with an interesting historical background.
    We also offer early summer midnight tours.
    The camping ground and horse rental are open from June 1st - September 15th.
    The accommodation is available from May 15th - October 1st.
    Please contact for prices and booking information.

  • Horses and boat rental in Hallormssta

    In Atlavik camping in Hallormsstaur forest you can rent pedal boats, rowing boats and canoes and sail on Lake Lagarfljt.
    By the hotel in Hallormsstaur the horse rental is open every day over the summer.

  • Hsey

    Hsey is a farm in Hrarstunga, the farm is located between two rivers at Hrasfli bay. There you can go horseback riding, both short and long ridings tours are available. In Hsey you can explore the uniqe birdlife of the area, sometimes the reindeers visit and you can take a look at seals as they sometimes travel up the rivers and rest on the riverbanks. Hsey for example offers Seal watching on horseback. Truly a paradise for nature lovers and a experience you won't forget.


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