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  • Mt.Snfell

    You can find marked hiking trails all around the area and organized hiking tours are also available for all fitnesslevels.

  • Hiking treasures of Egilsstair region
    Fljtsdalshra touring club has chosen 28 special locations and trails leading to hiking treasures of Egilsstair region. Hiking Treasures in Egilsstadir Region Hiking treasures in Egilsstair regi...
  • Highland Farms
    Fljtsdalshra Touring Club the municipality of Fljtsdalshra and Kaupvangur -Cultural Center in Vopnafjrur decided to join forces and make a special effort to promote travelling in the highlands...
  • Map of poetry in walls
    As you pass through the towns of Egilsstair andFellabr you may notice, on selected walls andwindows, examples of local Icelandic poetry. Thiscustom first started in 2008 when the love poems ofrenown...
  • Tjarnargarurinn
    Small park in the hart of Egilsstair. Close to the swimming pool and Museum. Perfect place to enjoy the weather and play. There you can find a pro frisbee golf. Perfect for the family to play. ...
  • 10-_MG_8177 copy.jpg

    Do you need guides while traveling in East Iceland ?

  • Atlavk
    The inlet of Atlavk is beautifully situated on the shores of Lagarfljt (Lgurinn). Like other areas in the Hallormsstaur woodland, the inlet provides the shelter of trees, as well as a comparativel...
  • Sigurarskli hut in Kverkfjll
    Fljtsdalshra Touring Club is a member of The Icelandic Touring Association. Every year the club organizes and offers a variety of tours and trips for its members. Scheduled information on the tour...
  • Husey
    Ever wanted to see seal, have a close encounter with a red-throated diver, get attacked by the great Skua - if so - A horseback riding tour at Husey is just the thing for you. Daily departures at 10 a...
  • 187-st-ri-bakki2.jpg
    We at Stri-Bakki farm offer short (1-2 hours) trips and longer (4-8 hours) day trips.The horse rental is open all year round and we dont have any scheduled trips. We are ready when you are! Phone:...

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Visit Egilsstair
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