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  • Egilsstadir swimming pool
    Egilsstair swimming pool is located next to the sportscenter in Egilsstair.It is an outdoor swimming pool, 25 meters long, 2 hot tubs, a childrens pool and a water slide. Opening hours during winte...
  • Vk Baths
    Plunge into Icelands purest hot spring water, bath in floating pools out on the lake. Vk Baths is a new destination opened in summer 2019 by lake Urriavatn, just northwest from Egilsstair, in Eas...
  • Laugarfell
    Laugarfell is located in the eastern part of the Icelandic Highlands, a bit north from Mount Snfell. There are only two km.from the road that leads to Krahnjkar to the hostel and it is the only par...
  • Spa
    An intriguing spa, Bahsi - Spa, is situated on the hotels ground floor. It has a hot tub, sauna, cold pool and a inside and out doors resting areas. The view across Lagarfljt from the location of ...
  • Skjoldolfsstair

    They offer light courses menu where you can amongst other things find a reindeer burger and reindeer meatballs.

Visit Egilsstair

Visit Egilsstair
Kaupvangur 17
700 Egilsstair
S. 470 07 50

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