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  • Cycle contestant in Tour De Ormurinn
    Bike rental at Egilsstaastofa by Egilsstair camping site. Do you want to take a stroll around town or even bike to Hallormsstaur? Many paths accessible for biking in Egilsstair region. Ask staf...
  • Map of poetry in walls
    As you pass through the towns of Egilsstair andFellabr you may notice, on selected walls andwindows, examples of local Icelandic poetry. Thiscustom first started in 2008 when the love poems ofrenown...
  • Egilsstaastofa Visitor Center
    Egilsstaastofa Vistor Center is located at Egilsstair camping site.It provides information about travelling in the Egilsstair area and about the available services. Theyhas answers to various ques...
  • Verzlunarfelagid
    Fun Danish designs from Bloomingville. The store is in the heart of Egilsstadir. You can also sit down and enjoy a great cup of coffee. Everyone who brings a multi-use cup for the coffee gets 10% dis...
  • 55-b-kakaffi-logo-me-nafni.jpg
    Bkakaffi, meaning Book Caf, is located in an old bookstore by Lagarfljt Bridge and is a retreat for anyone that likes good food, good coffee or old books and magazines. Winter Opening;10:00 17:0...
  • Slaughterhouse Culture Center
    Menningarmist Fljtsdalshras was Founded in 2005 and is one of four culture centers in East Iceland with an 
emphasis on theater and dance. MMF, as the center is called, offers all kinds of ar...
  • Myndsmijan
    Myndsmijan was established in 1986 and is the leading company in photo developement and print service in East Iceland. Myndsmijan runs a photography studio and there are two professional photographe...
  • Hs Handanna
    TIC and Local Art and Design - Entryway to the East In the heart of Egilsstair is the elegant design and craft shop Hs Handanna. The store specialises in local Icelandic quality design and handicraf...
  • 76-mo-irjor-.jpg
    Mir Jrspecializesin growing grain, organic barley in particular. Barley has played a part in Icelandic culinary history ever since Icelands settlement in the 9th Century. For a few centuries ...
  • 60-river-t-skuv-ruverslun.jpg
    Fashion store in the town's center. The store sells also Nike products, and offers many other known brands like Sister's point. Opening Hours: Monday - Friday: 10:00 am - 18:00 pm Saturdays: 10:0...
  • 61-sentrumlogo2.jpg
    In Sentrum you can find fashionable items such as clothing and shoes for the whole family. Opening Hours: Mondays - Fridays:10:00 am - 18:00 pm Saturdays:10:00 am - 15:00 pm Sundays: C...
  • Klassk
    Selsi 1 Egilssum Great selection of giftware, known brands like Sign, Rosendahl, Casio and many more. Opening Hours: Mondays - Fridays: 10 - 18 Saturdays: 10 - 14 Sundays: Closed...
  • 41-n1_logo.png
    N1 Egilsstair welcomes you on your travel around eastern Iceland. We offer a range of food and refreshments, local delicacies, various travel products, free internet access, attended and automatic fu...
  • 75-ormsson.jpg
    Ormsson strives to provide excellent service along with quality products. In Ormsson Egilsstair you can shop home appliances, tv's, audio and video products, computers and many more. Opening Hours:...
  • 28-olis-logo.jpg
    The Ols Service Stations are located around the country and supply fuel, fast food and services toindividuals and companies. Opening Hours: Mondays - Fridays: 08:00 am - 21:00 pm Weekends: 09:0...
  • Nett Supermarket
    Discount store with a comfortable atmosphere. Opening Hours: Winter: (September May) Everyday: 10:00 - 19:00 Summer: (June August) Weekdays: 09:00 20:00 Weekends: 10:00 19:00...
  • Lyfja
    Lyfja is a licensed pharmacy chain compliant with pharmacy regulations in Iceland committed to promoting comfortable and variable service according to each and every need. We accomplish this goal by p...
  • 81-tolvulistinn.png
    Tlvulistinn is a computer store and is one of Iceland's major computer importers. The company imports and sells products from known brands, such as Toshiba, Asus, Acer, Apple, Epson, Philips, MSI, Lo...
  • 82-82-vaskur-logo.jpg
    Vaskur is a dry cleaning service and a store with cleaning supplies along with office supplies, instruments, home supplies, toys and much more. Opening Hours: Mondays - Fridays: 09:00 am - 18:00 pm...
  • 84-h-sasmi-jan.jpg
    The leading hardware and home improvement chain in IcelandHsasmijan is the leading hardware and home improvement chain in Iceland. It was founded in 1956, making itthe oldest operating hardware sto...
  • 85-logoblomaval.jpg
    Flower and a garden store. Blmaval also sells beautiful decorations for the home. Opening Hours: Monday - Friday: 09:00 am - 18:00 pm Saturdays: 10:00 am - 15:00 pm Sundays: Closed...
  • 86-logo-bonus.png
    An Icelandic supermarket chain, focusing on fresh products and low prices. Opening Hours:Monday - Thursday: 11:00 - 18:30 Fridays: 10:00 - 19:30 Saturdays: 10:00 - 18:00 Sundays: 12 ...
  • 87-a4.jpg
    A4 offers great office supplies along with school products and books. They have world know brands suchs as, HP, DELL, Epson, Canon and many more. Opening Hours: Monday - Friday: 10:00 am - 18:00 p...
  • 91-snyrtistofan-alda.jpg
    Your wellness is our goal. Many beauty treatments available. Opening Hours: Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 9:00 - 17:00Tuesday & Thursday: 9:00 - 19:00 Saturdays & Sundays: Closed...

    A hair salon situated in Fellabr.

  • 89-stjornuhar_loka-01.jpg

    A hair salon that uses and sells world know products likeMOROCCANOIL, MARIA NILA, JOICO, KERASTASE OG NIOXIN

  • 88-car-.jpg

    A hair salon right in the town centre.

  • 97-raudikross2.jpg
    Used clothing Volunteers are in the store selling clothing that the Red Cross has been donated from locals. All the goods from the cloths go to the Red Cross. The store is at Dynskogar 4 (first flo...
  • 164-landsbankinn-1-.png

    Opening hours
    Week days 09:00 - 16:00

    Phone number: 00354-4104175
    Address: Kaupvangur 1, 700 Egilsstair

  • 165-islandsbanki_logo.svg.png

    Opening hours
    Week days 09:00 - 16:00

    Phone number: 00354-4404000
    Address: Mivangur 1, 700 Egilsstair

  • 166-arion_stor.jpg

    Opening hours
    Week days 09:00 - 16:00

    Phone number: 00354-4407000

    Address: Mivangur 6, 700 Egilsstair

  • 172-vinbudin_logo_cmyk.jpg
    Address: Mivangur 2-4, 700 Egilsstair Opening hours:Monday: 11:00 - 18:00Tuesday: 11:00 - 18:00Wednesday: 11:00 - 18:00Thursday: 11:00 - 18:00Friday: 11:00 - 19:00Saturday:...
  • 173-hertz.png

  • 175-untitled.png

  • 176-h-ludr.png



    Phone: 00354-461-6000

  • 177-bva.png

    Address: Mis, 700 Egilsstair


    Phone: 00354-570-5073

    BVA is a friendly workshop for all car-related problems.

  • 179-ab.png
    Address:Fagradalsbraut 25 700 EgilsstairslandEmail:austur@ab.isPhone: 471-2299 ...
  • 180-dekkjahollin.png
    Address: verklettar 1,700 EgilsstumSmi: 460 3001Opnunartmi:Virka daga 8-17 Phone:
  • 182-j-tunn.png


    Opening hours:

    Weekdays:09:00 til 12:00 og 12:30 til 18:00
    Sundays: Closed
    Smi: 00354-480-0448

  • 184-herads.png

    Hrasprent | Mivangi 1 | Egilsstair

    Smi 471 1449 -

    Opi virka daga kl. 8-12 og 13-17

  • 186-kjot.png
    Meet and fish store. Serves lunch for take away on weekdays from 11 am - 12:30 pm Address:Kaupvangur 23b, 700 EgilsstairPhone: 471-1300Email:

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Visit Egilsstair
Kaupvangur 17
700 Egilsstair
S. 470 07 50

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