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  • Cycle contestant in Tour De Ormurinn
  • Egilsstaastofa Visitor Center
  • Cycle contest around lake Lagarfljt in Tour De Ormurinn

Bike rental at Egilsstaastofa
by Egilsstair camping site.

Do you want to take a stroll around town or even bike to Hallormsstaur?

Many paths accessible for biking in Egilsstair region.

Ask staff for a map when renting the bike.

Fun fact:
The cycle contest Tour De Ormurinn is in August every year. They cygle around the lake Lagarfljt, beautiful and fund 68 km rout.

Price list

1 4 hrs. 2.900 ISK

24 hrs. 3.900 ISK

For longer rent or many bikes please ask the staff at Egilsstaastofa.

You can also rent a bike holder for the car (only of renting bikes). Your car must have a tow bar.
Only 1.500 ISK the 24 hrs.

Tour operators

  • Egilsstaastofa Visitor Center

    Egilsstaastofa Vistor Center is located at Egilsstair camping site.

    It provides information about travelling in the Egilsstair area and about the available services. Theyhas answers to various questions about the area.

    Our slogan is Egilsstair - Center of East - Best location and service.

    Egilsstaastofa is open all year and is at Kaupvangur 17.

Visit Egilsstair

Visit Egilsstair
Kaupvangur 17
700 Egilsstair
S. 470 07 50

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