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  • Map of poetry in walls
    As you pass through the towns of Egilsstair andFellabr you may notice, on selected walls andwindows, examples of local Icelandic poetry. Thiscustom first started in 2008 when the love poems ofrenown...
  • Verzlunarfelagid
    Fun Danish designs from Bloomingville. The store is in the heart of Egilsstadir. You can also sit down and enjoy a great cup of coffee. Everyone who brings a multi-use cup for the coffee gets 10% dis...
  • Slaughterhouse Culture Center
    Menningarmist Fljtsdalshras was Founded in 2005 and is one of four culture centers in East Iceland with an 
emphasis on theater and dance. MMF, as the center is called, offers all kinds of ar...
  • Hs Handanna
    TIC and Local Art and Design - Entryway to the East In the heart of Egilsstair is the elegant design and craft shop Hs Handanna. The store specialises in local Icelandic quality design and handicraf...
  • Klassk
    Selsi 1 Egilssum Great selection of giftware, known brands like Sign, Rosendahl, Casio and many more. Opening Hours: Mondays - Fridays: 10 - 18 Saturdays: 10 - 14 Sundays: Closed...

Visit Egilsstair

Visit Egilsstair
Kaupvangur 17
700 Egilsstair
S. 470 07 50

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