The Giantess's path

  • The Giantess's path

The Giantess's path is a basalt ridge which cuts the hill above Valjfsstaur and Skriuklaustur. You can start your walk by the Hengifoss Guesthouse and climb the path to the top where you will have a beautiful panorama over the Fljtsdalur valley and lake Lagarfljt. The you continue until you are above Skriuklaustur and Snfellsstofa and there you can find your way downhill the forest from the three large cairns (piles of stone). Before you descend you can have a look over the gorge of Bessastaa river.

The name of this path comes from an old folktale about giantesses that lived up in the mountains. They travelled between the East fjords and the highlands and the path is their route from centuries of walking.

Click here for a map of the walking track.

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