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  • Valjlfsstaarkirkja
    This church belongs to the Valthjofstadur benefice in the Mula deanery. During the catholic period, the churches there were dedicated to the Holy Virgin. The present church was made of concrete, conse...
  • Wilderness Center
    In June 2016 the Wilderness Center will open its exhibitions on life in and near the highlands. The extended exhibition area reaches as far the top of the hills behind the Center, as well as to the ab...
  • 93-1443005666_tmp_014.jpg
    Breidalsheii (Breidalur-heath) is between Vigrf in Skridalur and the South Valley of Breidalur. For ages the main road between Fljtsdalshra and Breidalur has been on this heath. In Breida...
  • Galtastair Farm
    The old farm ofGaltastair Framis a well-preserved farmhouse from the 19th century. Inhabited until 1967 the building exemplifies the sort of housing common in Iceland in previous centuries, heated ...
  • Torfhsin  Hjararhaga
    Gmlu fjrhsin tv eru a sem eftir stendur af sex hsayrpingu sem hafa veri til Hjararhaga fr munat og voru notkun fram undir 1980. Torfhsin eru dmiger einstuhs, hluti af fornri ...

Visit Egilsstair

Visit Egilsstair
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