Atlavk camping site

  • Atlavk

Hallormsstadur National forest Camping Ground

Two toilets housed are in Atlavk camping with hot and cold water, facilities for dishwashing, waste disposal for mobile homes, toilet for the disabled, outdoor barbeque, tables, and chairs as well as a playground.

In both camp sites, the garbage is sorted.

The forest is a popular area for outdoor living with a diverse landscape. There are about 30km of marked walking paths you can find on a hiking map. There is a family friendly tree collection/arboretum with over 90 different types of trees and bushes. There is also Hotel Hallormsstaur, a new hotel with 100 rooms and restaurant.


Adults: 1.600 kr pr. night
Senior citizens and the disabled: 1.100 kr
Children: Free for 14 years and younger
Electricity: 1.000 kr

The accommodation tax is 300 kr that is pr. camp unit.

Shower: 500 kr. The automat only accepts 100 kr coins.

Washing machine and tumble dryer: 500 kr. The automat only accepts 100 kr coins.

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  • Hallormsstaur National Forest

    Camping & hiking in the forest

    Hallormsstaur National Forest is cosidered to be Icelands lagest forest. The forest covers an area of 740 hectares most of which is native birch. The forest is a popular recreational area featuring marked hiking trails and an arboretum with over 80 tree species.

    There are two camping areas in the forest:Atlavkwhich is located in a picturesque cover surrounded by birch woods andHfavkthat provides a higher level of service for campers.

    GPS N65 05.369 W14 46.035

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