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  • Atlavk
    The inlet of Atlavk is beautifully situated on the shores of Lagarfljt (Lgurinn). Like other areas in the Hallormsstaur woodland, the inlet provides the shelter of trees, as well as a comparativel...
  • Skjoldolfsstair

    They offer light courses menu where you can amongst other things find a reindeer burger and reindeer meatballs.

  • Camp Egilsstair
    Camp Egilsstair is a well-situated campground in the middle of a small town called Egilsstair. For the last few years, Camp Egilsstair has been able to provide one of the best camping services whi...
  • Atlavk
    Hallormsstadur National forest Camping Ground Two toilets housed are in Atlavk camping with hot and cold water, facilities for dishwashing, waste disposal for mobile homes, toilet for the disable...
  • Hofdavik camping site
    There are three toilet houses in Hfdavk camping with hot and cold water and showers. There are electrical outlets for mobile homes and folding campers, waste disposal,toilet for the disabled, o...
  • Fljotsdalsgrund camping site
    Fljotsdalsgrund camping site in Vegardur, Fljotsdal. Great camping site. WC and showers with warm water during the summer. Electricity BBQ Place to fill the water tank and empty black water. Op...
  • Fjalladyrd Modrudal
    At Fjalladr Tourist Services, we provide our guests with the chance to experience traditional food, culture and accommodation in peaceful surroundings. The company emphasises a variety of nature wal...
  • Skipalkur
    Skipalkur camping ground is open from May-September. It is small, homey and quiet equipped with three toilets and two showers. Our very ambition is to keep the facilities clean at all times. Benches ...

Visit Egilsstair

Visit Egilsstair
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