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  • Lake Hotel
    Gistihsi Lake Hotel Egilsstair is an established and renowned, family run, hotel in a farming district. It meets all modern requirements as to standards of services and amenities, quality, sophi...
  • Hotel Hallormsstaur
    Htel Hallormsstaur, a 63 room hotel that has recently been renewed and is now the most outstanding hotel in east Iceland known for great quality in service & extraordinary culinary....
  • Hotel Eyvindara
    Hotel Eyvindar is located in a beautiful wooded area about 2 km from Egilsstair town in East Iceland. Large veranda attached to the main building with lovely views over the Hra region and Egilssta...
  • Skjoldolfsstair

    They offer light courses menu where you can amongst other things find a reindeer burger and reindeer meatballs.

  • Hotel Valaskjlf
    HTEL VALASKJLF Your home away from home. Stay in a peaceful and quiet part of Egilsstair town. Htel Valaskjlf offers comfortable and fresh en-suite guest rooms with free Wi-Fi access....
  • Icelandair Hotel Herad
    The Icelandair Hotel Herad restaurant in Egilsstadir offers top quality, locally-sourced Icelandic vegetables, meats and dairy products - and all in a cozy and peaceful atmosphere. Specializing in fr...
  • Hotel Edda Egilsstadir
    Hotel Edda Egilsstadir In addition to Hotel Edda the capitalof the east has its own international airport and a host of local attractions.Among them are Hallormsstaur, Icelands biggest forest, ...
  • Hotel 1001 Nott
    Hotel 1001 nott is a family owned luxury hotel, beautifully situated in a quiet area by Lake Lagarfljt, approximately 4 km (3 miles) from Egilstadir. The hotel offers comfortable large rooms (22m2),...
  • Guesthouse Vnland

    Vinland Guesthouse is a great base from which to explore Fljotsdalsherad and the natural wonders of Iceland's east coast.

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