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  • Verzlunarfelagid
    Fun Danish designs from Bloomingville. The store is in the heart of Egilsstadir. You can also sit down and enjoy a great cup of coffee. Everyone who brings a multi-use cup for the coffee gets 10% dis...
  • Klausturkaffi
    Klausturkaffi is a caf/restaurant in the old dining room on the 1st floor of Gunnar's house. The focus is on the Icelandic cuisine with special interest in local food products as the Icelandic lamb, ...
  • Snautasel
    The farm ofSnautasel, situated up in the highland of Jkuldalsheii, was inhabited from 1843-1943.In the years 1875-1880, however, it was left abandoned as a result of the lavish ashfall emanating ...
  • 55-b-kakaffi-logo-me-nafni.jpg
    Bkakaffi, meaning Book Caf, is located in an old bookstore by Lagarfljt Bridge and is a retreat for anyone that likes good food, good coffee or old books and magazines. Opi vetur; Winter Openin...
  • Lake Hotel
    Gistihsi Lake Hotel Egilsstair is an established and renowned, family run, hotel in a farming district. It meets all modern requirements as to standards of services and amenities, quality, sophi...
  • Eldhsi
    The hotel's restaurant, Eldhsi - Restaurant, has gained favorable recognition for its devotion to ambitious cooking. The courses on the menu stem from sound, traditional cuisine but served in contem...
  • 48-hotel-hallorms.jpg
    Htel Hallormsstaur, a 63 room hotel that has recently been renewed and is now the most outstanding hotel in east Iceland known for great quality in service & extraordinary culinary....
  • Skjoldolfsstair

    They offer light courses menu where you can amongst other things find a reindeer burger and reindeer meatballs.

  • Hotel Valaskjlf
    HTEL VALASKJLF Your home away from home. Stay in a peaceful and quiet part of Egilsstair town. Htel Valaskjlf offers comfortable and fresh en-suite guest rooms with free Wi-Fi access....
  • Icelandair Hotel Herad
    The Icelandair Hotel Herad restaurant in Egilsstadir offers top quality, locally-sourced Icelandic vegetables, meats and dairy products - and all in a cozy and peaceful atmosphere. Specializing in fr...
  • 76-mo-irjor-.jpg
    Mir Jrspecializesin growing grain, organic barley in particular. Barley has played a part in Icelandic culinary history ever since Icelands settlement in the 9th Century. For a few centuries ...
  • 41-n1_logo.png
    N1 Egilsstair welcomes you on your travel around eastern Iceland. We offer a range of food and refreshments, local delicacies, various travel products, free internet access, attended and automatic fu...
  • Salt caf & bistro

    Light courses, coffee & pastries.
    Great pizzas and healthy choices.
    Tandoori oven and Indian food.

  • Subway
    In every SUBWAY restaurant there is a wide range of low fat subs that contain only 6 grams of fat or less. No artificial trans fats are contained in any of our foods. Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10:00 ...
  • Fjalladyrd Modrudal
    At Fjalladr Tourist Services, we provide our guests with the chance to experience traditional food, culture and accommodation in peaceful surroundings. The company emphasises a variety of nature wal...
  • 181-19983745_1240553262740451_1783779346800385075_o.jpg
    Fjshorni (The Cow-shed corner) at Egilsstair farm is open from beginning of June till the end og august. There it will be possible to purchase products made from the main production of the farm, na...
  • 185-fellabakari.png

    Weekdays 07:00 - 17:00

    Saturdays: 08:00 - 13:00

    Lagarfelli 4, 700 Egilsstum

  • 186-kjot.png

    Kaupvangur 23b, 700 Egilsstair
    Phone: 471-1300

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