Fjshorni - Coffee house/Farmers market

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Fjshorni (The Cow-shed corner) at Egilsstair farm is open from beginning of June till the end og august. There it will be possible to purchase products made from the main production of the farm, namely milk and beef.

Yogurt, curdled milk (skyr) feta cheese and beef from the farm is available for purchase. Lunch and other prepared food items, derived from production at the farm, are also available.

Opening hours: Monday Friday 11.00 18.00, Saturday and Sunday 14.00 17.00
It will also be possible to reserve appointments for groups outside of the conventional opening hours.

Egilsstum 5, 700 Egilsstair
Smi: + 354 471 1508 / 862 1580

Visit Egilsstair

Visit Egilsstair
Kaupvangur 17
700 Egilsstair
S. 470 07 50

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