Handstand Workshop/Handstunmskei

Velkomin handstunmskei me Jacob Wood og Tinnu Sif.


Vi erum trlega spennt a koma austur og deila stru okkar handstum me ykkur! etta nmskei hentar byrjendum jafnt sem lengra komnum sem vilja n betri tkum handstum. Kennt verur bi slensku og ensku.

essu nmskeii frum vi yfir undirstuatrii handstunnar og brjtum niur smatrii msa tti sem munu hjlpa r a bta handstu na ea jafnvel n inni fyrstu handstu!
Vi munum kenna ma.a.; lileika- og styrktarfingar fyrir nlii, hendur og axlir - hvernig best er a virkja kvivva handstum - ftrttur og hvernig vi getum bi til falleg munstur og lnur me lkama okkar.

Get g mtt?
J svo sannarlega ef getur stai hndum upp vi vegg 10 sek.

arf g a mta me eitthva?
Bara ga skapi, vilja og olinmi til a lra eitthva ntt og skemmtilegt

Kennt verur annars vegar:
Laugardag 15. jn kl. 11:00-13:00
og hins vegar
Sunnudag 16. jn kl. 11:00-13:00

Skrning: cfa@crossfitaustur.com
Ver: 5000 kr

Welcome to a handstand workshop with Jacob Wood and Tinna
We are so excited to come to the east to share our passion for handstands. This course is for both beginners and those who want to improve their handstand. Well be teaching in English and Icelandic.

All levels welcome!

Did you know handstands aren't about balancing as you much as you might think? Handstands are more about lines of body tension than balancing. We will be exploring this common misconception and others surrounding inversions, as we dive deep into body mechanics and a new awareness of our very own bodies to gain a new perspective.

Description: We will break down and explore all the necessary components of what it takes to have a solid handstand practice.

What to expect: We will learn about the wrist/hand mobility and strengthening, core muscle and how to properly activate them to create lines of tension in the body, we will explore toe point, and how to make beautiful shapes and lines with our bodies, all whilst strengthening and exercising in new ways.

Prerequisite: To be able to hold and handstand against the wall for at least 10 seconds.

Who is this series designed for? Really anyone who has ever been interested in learning to do a handstand all the way to the advanced yogis and athletes that have always wanted a solid handstand practice but never learned the pieces to get there.

Whats needed? Simply bring a willingness and a humble attitude to learning a new skill.

You can choose between:
Saturday June 15th @ 11:00-13:00
Sunday June 16th @ 11:00-13:00

How do I sign up?
Simply send an e-mail to cfa@crossfitaustur.com

How much is it?
ISK 5000 per person

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