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Your body and mind evolved for a world that no longer exists. Reclaim the nature of your humanity. Join us for six days of nourishing natural movement, forest therapy, and yoga on the pristine eastern side of Iceland. Explore the natural movements of being human as you explore your connection to the more-than-human world. Feel how the landscape breathes life into food you forage and harvest off the land. Receive the nourishment of living food fresh out of the ground. Refresh your mind, free from the clutter of screens and the urgency of modern life. Bask in the wonder of the Northern Lights and star speckled skies. Be called home to the embrace of Mother Earth.

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Anyone who loves nature and has a sense of curiosity. Forest bathing and natural movement are suitable for anyone who can walk, regardless of size, shape, age, gender. The retreat is beginner friendly and trauma sensitive. Your hosts have four decades of combined experience adapting practices to suit the needs of the beautiful diversity of humans.

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